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Malvina's Rug Cleaning London

As owner of a lovely rug you definitely know it is not easy to clean it with conventional methods and solutions and moreover, there is a risk of damage of its fabrics. Another specific feature that makes rugs difficult for cleaning items is the delicate materials from which most of these are made. You really need to clean your rugs with specific safe method which necessarily can remove all the dirt without damaging the colors and fabrics. Malvina’s company can offer such effective rug cleaning suitable for hand made, sensitive material and synthetic rugs, eliminating seamlessly deep dirt, stains and restoring the condition of your home rugs.

Choosing our professional rug cleaning is not only the best solution, but our expert workers are more than just cleaners and they will perform the relevant operations according to your rug material and after that will give you the proper advice on how to maintain the good state of your rug in order to prolong its life. Trust them and enjoy the results! Malvina’s professional rug cleaners strictly follow the stages for immaculate rug cleaning which involve pre – testing for color and material fastness. After the test they will choose the most suitable method for cleaning. Then, they will remove the dust from the rug and will treat the stubborn stains. Be confident that our rug cleaning is safe and friendly to the materials and leave as least as possible water. If your rug is made of very sensitive material we will use the gentle dry cleaning method. The cleaning process will ends with odor neutralization and as addition we can apply special protective treatment which retains the good and clean condition of the rug for a long.

Regular cleaning is the most proper care for your beautiful Persian, Oriental, Modern and hand made rugs. Our rug specialists know how to maintain its good condition, using friendly and non – toxic detergents and removing all dirt and stains. The smartest solution for effective rug cleaning is to invite our skillful cleaners and certainly you will be pleased with the fresh and spotless shape of your rug. We also can carry out fantastic carpet and upholstery cleaning in your homes and offices as all our services can be combined for your convenience. Malvina’s rates for professional cleaning services can find on the prices page.

Our friendly rug cleaning can request on 020 3404 4280 or just fill in the online form for booking. Please, inform us about the material of your carpet or rug to choose the proper cleaning method!

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