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What is carpet cleaning?

Unless you keep your carpet locked in a drawer stuffed with lavender, it is bound to get dirty from regular use, collect dust and provide ‘good’ conditions for bacteria and tiny bugs to spread. Moreover, a carpet that is not regularly cleaned tends to wear out quicker than a well taken care of one. We know how annoying a few spots on the carpet can be.

A frequently used carpet, especially in your living room, can retain a lot of domestic dust. A dirty carpet is also a breeding ground for the infamous Acari. Combined, domestic dust and Acari represent a huge contributor to the development of asthma in young children, as well as in adults. It is therefore highly recommended that you regularly clean your carpets to maintain a healthy environment at home.

Carpet cleaning is good for:

  • reducing the amount of domestic dust, pet’s hairs and parasites;
  • keeping your carpets clean and looking fresh;
  • reducing chances of young children developing asthma;
  • extending carpets’ exploitation cycle.

What is carpet steam cleaning?

If you look at your carpet one day and wonder what its natural colour was, then it is time you had that carpet professionally cleaned. And here is where we come in. We provide what is called ‘carpet steam cleaning’. Yes, that is actually the Hot Water Extraction method, in case you were wondering. And this will be done with the latest equipment on the market.

The client’s duty is to check the property after the cleaning and assure that everything is done properly. Hot water extraction is deemed the best and only deep carpet cleaning technique, that is also the most recommended by manufacturers. Unlike other ways of cleaning your carpets, hot water extraction allows for a deeper penetration into the carpet, where hot water is being sprayed under pressure, then sucked back by powerful vacuum, thus removing dirt etc. along the way. The cleaning solution leaves no harmful traces and there is no risk of you or your children inhaling chemical substances.

Having one of our experienced carpet cleaners ensures you get an outstanding service and you need not worry about anything. You can rest assured that you will get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible without a compromise. We can remove a variety of stains from drinks, oil, dirt etc. Where possible, our specialist carpet cleaners will advise you on how to protect your carpet in the future.

How to book a carpet cleaning service from Malvina’s Cleaners London?

Our professional carpet steam cleaning service offers deep carpet cleaning in all areas of London, utilising the power of hot water, with the limited use of safe cleaning materials, which are suitable for houses with children and pets. You may not see them but bacteria live just there. Our detergents contain only non-toxic yet very effective environmentally friendly ingredients that penetrate deep into the carpet where allergens and dirt build up, leaving your carpet safer for you and your children to play.

Malvina’s Team of experienced cleaners will make sure that you are happy with the outcome of their work before they leave. Just give a call on 020 3404 4280  or write to us to obtain a no-obligation quote. Do include the type and size of the carpets in your correspondence and a member of our team will make the proper arrangements. Please note: NOT ALL carpets are suitable for steam cleaning – please let the booking agent know the material your carpet is made of.

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